Communication Plan Development Assistance

A solid communication plan is based on substantial research. In order to get the most Return-On-Investment (ROI) out of the money you allocate for your communication activities, you need to gain an in-depth understanding of your target market and the buying process.

Your marketing communication plan—or marcom plan—should cover your tactical communication efforts for a period of up to twelve months

The marcom plan needs to be an integrated plan that includes communication activities such as: public relations, your Web presence, advertising (print and online), direct mail campaigns, placement of marketing collaterals, webinars, seminars, publicity events, conferences, and much more.

We can help you brainstorm and formulize what you want your customers to know about your services or products. We can also effectively assist you in identifying the best ways to communicate with your customers and prospects, create realistic budgets, and schedule and execute your communication efforts.

Public Relations Services

Public Relations (PR) helps you manage the flow of information between your company and the public. Active PR assists you in gaining exposure with your target audiences and at the same time increases your Web presence. PR is an effective activity to build rapport with your customers, prospects, employees, and the general public alike.

We can help you with all of your PR activities, including press release writing, editing, distribution, Web posting, Analyst Relations, Media Relations, Investor Relations, and much more.

Content Development

Great content attracts browsers to your Website and also sells your product or service. If you want to improve your Websites ranking on any given search engine, you simply have to invest into creating good and relevant content. The content needs to provide people with information they are looking for and include relevant keywords and key-phrases your target audience may be typing into a search engine such as Google.

We are the experts in creating search engine friendly content and we’ll work closely with you when developing your content.
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