Personalized Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Training Classes

Our personalized SEO and online marketing training classes are customized to fit your specific requirements. Training is available at our office, online, or at your office location.

The following is a partial list of frequently requested training topics:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics
    • What exactly is SEO?
    • Know your Keywords
  • On-Page Optimization
    • Page titles
    • Meta tags
  • Website Structure
    • Website URLs
    • Website Navigate
    • Sitemaps
    • 404 Page
  • Website Content
    • Content is king
    • Anchor text
    • Optimizing website images
    • File names and alt text
    • Heading tags
  • Crawlers
    • What are crawlers?
    • Making use of robots.txt
    • How to combat spam with “nofollow”
  • SEO for Mobile Devices
    • SEO for mobile sites
    • Indexing your mobile site
    • Guiding mobile users
    • Creating and putting QR codes to work
  • Promoting your Site
    • Backlinks, blogging, YouTube, and more
  • Integrating Social Media
    • Google+
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
  • Off-Page Optimization
    • Google Places and more
    • Directories
    • Yelp and such
    • Piggy-Back sites
    • Press Releases
  • Google AdWords Explained
  • Google Analytics Explained
  • Google Website Optimizer Explained
  • Google Webmaster Tools Explained
  • Free SEO Tools

Upcoming SEO Training Classes

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