Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Agency Boulder SEO Marketing Announces Fall 2014 Training Schedule

Boulder SEO Marketing founder and SEO training expert Chris Raulf to teach several digital marketing and search engine optimization related classes in Boulder and Denver this fall

Superior, CO – August 30, 2014 – Boulder SEO Marketing, a Colorado-based digital marketing agency offering SEO training and consulting service to companies worldwide, announced today that it has published its fall 2015 training schedule. Additional information and registration for its online marketing classes are available at Continue reading

7 Tools to Perform an SEO Website Analysis on the Fly

I recently received an email from the Community Marketing Manager of a translation technology company. In her email, she explained that she’s asking a small group of individuals to write about the importance of technology and tools. She was particularly interested in learning about what technologies and tools have been most crucial to the success of my company and which of them I could not live without on a daily basis. Continue reading

4 Tips to Boost Your Local Search Rankings

Getting the word out about your small local business in today’s digitally driven world can be challenging. Gone are the days when people would find you using a telephone book and simply dialing your phone number for more information about your business. Did you know that in 2013, the average number of searches performed on Google topped 2.1 trillion? With that many people turning to Google for just about everything, how do make sure your customers can find you in local searches? Continue reading

4 Online Marketing Strategies to Engage with Customers

The world has gone online and so have your customers. If you don’t take advantage of what the web has to offer in order to keep your current (and future) customers engaged then you’re missing out. Yes, I totally agree—as a micro, small or medium-sized business, it can be time consuming to implement and execute a digital and social media marketing strategy but it’s totally worth it. And if you don’t have a formal customer support or feedback process in place then some of the most common social media platforms may be a great and easy to implement option for you. Continue reading

Why Social Media Marketing Needs to Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

In today’s digitally-driven world, social media marketing is a crucial component to reaching potential customers, allowing them to explore your business and your products or services. The unique factor of the major “search-oriented” social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is the ability to discover new businesses as consumers browse their everyday personal friends and interests. Social media sites offer numerous ways to acquire new customers but the most difficult part of this process is to gain the initial trust and interest of potential new customers, which poses the question, “How can I get prospective customers to connect with me and to follow my company page?” Continue reading