Going Global? Learn How to use Google’s Market Finder to Target New Markets

Are you looking to expand your products or services beyond the borders of the U.S? Gone are the days of doing business strictly on a domestic level. In 2013, according to EMarketer.com, B2C E-Commerce spending in the U.S hit $384 billion. In the graph below, you can see where the U.S has progressed in global E-Commerce sales compared to other countries in the top 5 from 2011-2013: Continue reading

LinkedIn Removes Products and Services Tab; Learn How to Move On

Does your company have a LinkedIn Company Page? If so, you are about to see a major change. In case you weren’t informed, as of April 14, 2014, LinkedIn removes the existing “Products and Services” tab on your page. This change comes with a great deal of confusion for business owners. You may ask yourself, why is LinkedIn removing this popular feature? One reason behind this move is LinkedIn’s recent acquisition of Pulse. Pulse is an app that allows users to view news and stories on a web and mobile platform. LinkedIn bought out Pulse in order to better expand its need for providing news and content for its users. Continue reading

Ways to Increase Social Media Followers and Engagement

Using social media networks are a great and easy way to keep a customer base engaged and to improve customer retention. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest are all outlets that can generate this customer interaction. Here are a few tips that will help increase “followers” and improve customer activity within social media sites. Continue reading

[Complimentary Webinar] Increase Organic Search Traffic and Convert Website Visitors to Leads

Search engine optimization (SEO) and a clearly defined content marketing strategy are probably the most effective ways to drive qualified visitors to your website; however, it doesn’t happen overnight. If you are currently working with a “white hatSEO agency then your account manager has probably explained to you why SEO is a long term investment and that it usually takes a bit of time to improve organic search traffic and rankings for your target SEO keywords in Google. Continue reading