4 Online Marketing Strategies to Engage with Customers

The world has gone online and so have your customers. If you don’t take advantage of what the web has to offer in order to keep your current (and future) customers engaged then you’re missing out. Yes, I totally agree—as a micro, small or medium-sized business, it can be time consuming to implement and execute a digital and social media marketing strategy but it’s totally worth it. And if you don’t have a formal customer support or feedback process in place then some of the most common social media platforms may be a great and easy to implement option for you.

If you haven’t already deployed any of these tactics yet, maybe just pick two for now so that you don’t get overwhelmed:

Blog Posts

Writing blog posts to display on your website (don’t forget to also publish them to your LinkedIn Longform Publishing Platform) can keep customers interested in products and services and the overall mission of the company. These postings should involve a balance of potential consumer interests along with relevant information for the company and its related industry. After taking the time to draft a high-quality blog post, it is crucial to properly link the blog to the major social media sites that are relevant to your business. Promoting your blog postings through major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can drive higher referral traffic to your blog posts and to your website in general. Develop a simple content roadmap and then stick to it; get your team involved and distribute the “burden” of having to write blog content on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I recently had the opportunity to co-present a webinar entitled “An Introduction to Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing” which also discusses the creation of a content roadmap.

Search Engine Optimized Press Releases

Press releases are an awesome and easy way to keep your customers informed about SEO Press Releasewhat your company is up to these days. Press releases also work really well to increase organic search traffic to your site and they are a great branding tool for your company. Use press releases to build rapport with your customers, prospects, employees, and the general public alike; they are also one of the most effective ways to update a website with regular fresh content. PRWeb’s Advanced distribution option ($249 per release) is in my opinion the best paid option and PRLog is a great free PR distribution platform. If you need help, Boulder SEO Marketing offers affordable search engine optimized press release packages.

Include Social Media in Your Customer Support Strategy

When developing a reliable and positive business reputation, it is essential to tend to the customer’s every need. This can be carried out through a social media marketing strategy by pro acting to customer needs. As customers browse the social media sites for your business, periodically post the direct contact information to address customer needs and emphasize the customer support aspect of your business. After identifying the most active and consistent customers, use social media to recognize these loyal followers and encourage others to achieve such a level. This creates an interactive social media environment for customers within the context of your company. In the business world today, customer support is becoming an increasingly important factor in choosing your business within the industry.

Create a Customer Feedback-Loop System Using Social Media Platforms

Getting first hand feedback, positive and negative (even more important), from your customers allows you to implement improvements that can attribute to increased business success. Customers that provide their feedback value the company enough to share their input for improvement and by interacting and communicating with customers on the major social media sites, users will check to see if their suggestions are heard. By enacting these suggestions from loyal customers, they are more likely to suggest your business to other social media users because of this customer oriented business model. Developing a trusting connection with customers and making them feel like a valued part of your business can lead to a long term business relationship. Makes sure to do a Google search for your brand or company name on a regular basis to see if any negative reviews were posted somewhere on the web. Take a deep breath and count to 12 before responding to negative reviews and then address them in a professional manner; remember—the internet is here to stay for awhile.


The world has shrunk and even the tiniest company can now compete with other companies around the globe. Boulder SEO Marketing is not a huge SEO agency but we successfully serve customers around the world and it’s a blast.

I hope these 4 tips will get you started and I’d love to hear your success story; feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or send me an email.

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